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Cereal Bar

Everything you have ever wanted, but your parents said no to as a child. But also everything you should eat as a responsible adult. All available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm, Onesies Encouraged!

Step 1: Pick your Cereal 2 cups of the same or 1 cup from two Cereals

Step 2: Pick your milk

Step 3: Pick your toppings, first one is free

Step 4: Pick your drizzle, first one is free

Step 5: Enjoy!!!

Or Choose a staff pick!


Skim, 2%, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Almond, Soy, Coconut, Eggnog

Naughty Side

Oreo’s, Cookie Chunks, Brownie Chunks, Features Cheesecake Chunks, Jelly Beans, Teddy Graham’s, Smarties, Mini Reece’s Pieces, Features Gummy’s, Score Bits, Chocolate Pretzels, Mini Marshmallows

Good Side

Seasonal Fruit, Banana, Mango, Apple Slices, Pineapple, Mandarins, Peaches, Dried Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins, Coconut Flakes, Ground Flax, Hemp Seeds, Rolled Oats


Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Featured Jelly, Featured Nut Butter, Matcha, Cream Cheese Cupcake Icing, Whipped Cream, Honey, Maple Syrup

Specialty Toppings, (Extra Naughty)

1/2 Chocolate Bar (Twix, Oh Henry, Reece’s pieces, Chocolate or Vanilla Wafer, Hershey’s-Cookies n Cream), 1/2  Oolong Featured Cookie,  1/2 Oolong Vegan Brownie, 1/2 Oolong Homemade Date Square,  I/2 Matcha Cupcake, Featured Ice Cream

$7 for the bowl with, one topping, one drizzle. After that $0.50 per topping, Drizzle and specialty milk, $1 for Specialty toppings or Specialty Cereal… have as many as your inner child desires